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Have Your Own Budget Shortfall? Here’s What to Do…

Government’s approach to balance this year’s National Budget 2024 shortfall of R15 billion didn’t set a positive example for South African individuals and businesses that face the same economic challenges but are, unlike government, unable to side-step spending cuts by

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These Invoicing Tips Could Save Your Business

It’s no secret that poor cash flow management can sink businesses. Without ready cash in the bank a business will struggle to meet its own commitments, destroying relationships, increasing costs through interest, and losing out on critical suppliers. The good

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Tips for Getting out of Business Debt

As a business grows, owners may find they need to take out loans to build infrastructure, take on essential new employees, meet legal requirements or upgrade equipment to ensure future growth. These moments can each feel necessary at the time,

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The True Cost of an Employee

As they develop, businesses often need to take on new employees. The decision as to whether to do so will come down to business needs and the potential for growth compared with the cost of that new employee. Unfortunately, newer

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Setting Up Your Finances in a New Business

Most entrepreneurs start businesses because they see a gap in the market they think they can fill. The knowledge they have from their careers may have empowered them to see the gap, and to understand how to exploit it, but

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