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JHCO solves business problems and assists you to be sustainable and grow your business into the future.If you are looking for a partnership approach and peace of mind when it comes to making business decisions, managing your monthly accounting, meeting regulatory requirements, unlocking growth potential, and solving business challenges – we can help you!

We support you with a professional team of financial experts advising and interpreting your financial data every step of the way. Our commitment as a partner in your business is to fully understand your business and to give you financial peace of mind.

We are passionate about business and realise the positive impact fintech can have on start-ups and growing or maturing businesses. Are you interested in fintech? Cloud accounting gives you full access to your business accounts through cloud accounting anywhere at any time on any device to ensure you can make the best-informed business decisions.

JHCO and the future of accounting

JHCO embraces the future of accounting and hosts your financial accounting system in the cloud using digital technologies and accounting software.  This streamlines your business processes and increases efficiencies.

Our experienced professional team supports you and ensures the correct interpretation of financial information at all times. 

Do you still see accounting as people surrounded by stacks of paper, sitting with a calculator trying to balance accounts?

5 reasons why clients use us:


Easy access to the team


The quality of our work


Our work ethic


The results we get for clients


Strong client relationships


We support you with a professional team of financial experts every step of the way.

Business Advisory

Managing a business in today’s economy is stressful, there are so many elements to consider and it is very easy to get pulled into daily operations and not keep track of regulatory requirements.

Cloud Accounting

Make the best decision you can by switching to cloud accounting. No matter if you are starting out, are growing, or are a maturing business. Cloud accounting will set you up for the future. 

Monthly Accounting

You can focus on your core business while we record all financial transactions, check reconciliations, flag items for investigation, resolve issues and pull practical reports.

Tax Expertise

Practical tax advice can help you to manage your business tax efficiently and remain compliant. The right advice will assist you in getting solutions for your tax problems such as non-compliance.

Independent Review

Business Owners are often unsure when an audit is required and when an Independent Review will be sufficient.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can strengthen the business and reduce competitive threats and help to gain market share.

Secretarial Services

Many companies struggle with the administrative work required to ensure good corporate governance and compliance with legislation and regulations that govern business. 

Support Services

Payroll, Human Resources, BEE Advisory Solutions, Software Integration, Custom Built Process Automation and Legal Services are provided to businesses that need assistance in any of these specialised areas.


We follow international best practice standards to help business owners. 

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