Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can mean greater financial strength for the businesses involved in the transaction. It reduces competitive threats and helps the new entity to gain market share. It is risky for any business to get involved in a merger or acquisition without a valuation and due diligence.

Valuation and due diligence

Valuations and due diligence ensure both parties are comfortable and their expectations have been taken into consideration. Due diligence provides the necessary insight into the asset value and liabilities as required by prospective buyers or for business decisions.

JHCO will assist in the following way:

Common Misconceptions

A business can prepare its own due diligence for a merger.

Only a robust due diligence delivers the information and insights needed to make informed decisions. The complexity of mergers and acquisitions obliges the buyer and seller to gather and analyse all of the important information required before proceeding.

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