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Your Tax Deadlines for May 2024

07 May – PAYE submissions and payments 24 May– Value-Added Tax (VAT) manual submissions and payments 30 May – Excise duty payments 31 May – VAT electronic submissions and payments, & Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Provisional Tax payments where applicable.

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Five Things You Need to do After the CIPC Hack

On the 1st of March 2024, South Africa’s official regulatory body for registering companies, co-operatives, and intellectual property rights (including trademarks, patents, designs and copyrights), the CIPC, put a notice on its website about a hacking incident on Thursday, the

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How and When to Save a Struggling Start-Up

When people speak about start-ups, they often only mention the successful ones. Stats, however, show that five years after founding only half of all businesses are still alive and after ten years only one third remain. The list of reasons

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Your Tax Deadlines for April 2024

05 April – Monthly Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) submissions and payments 25 April – VAT manual submissions and payments 29 April – Excise Duty payments 30 April – Value-Added Tax (VAT) electronic submissions and payments & CIT Provisional payments where applicable.

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Freelancer vs Employee: How to Decide

With so much of the population now working remotely as contractors or freelancers, the traditional employer/employee model is being scrutinised more closely than ever before. While considered a classic form of doing things, there is little doubt that the full-time

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