Growing Companies

You have successfully negotiated the start-up stage and are now starting to explore opportunities for growth. You have established a customer base and are starting to be known for your services or products. You are generating more money, breaking even, or starting to show a profit and plan to expand the business. 

To date, the burden of running the business has been on you. With the growth, you are now able to employ more staff and spend more time on the business than in it. 

As businesses start to grow and expand, we often see challenges develop around debt collecting, cash flow, managing paperwork, and closing monthly books.  

Having access to an accountant will help you understand whether the business performance tracks your goals and budgets, assist you to interpret financial records, forecast financial performance, and give you advice on how to increase profitability resulting in increased shareholder value. 

JHCO will assist in the following way:

Common Misconceptions

Growing businesses do not need an accountant.

Accountants support decision-making in a growing business, they assist with the planning and control of the finances, business structure, and operations of the business.

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