Monthly Accounting Services

You can focus on your core business while we record all financial transactions, check reconciliations, flag items for investigation, resolve issues and pull practical reports for interpretation and discussion.

monthly accounting services
monthly accounting services

Annual Financial Statements

Instead of the last-minute rush at the end of a financial year to complete annual financial statements, we prepare the necessary documents monthly and pull all the necessary statements annually i.e. a Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit and Loss, and Statement of changes in equity. We interpret the annual financial performance and make suggestions for improvement.

Real-Time Reporting

We give you access to financial real-time reports, you no longer need to wonder how the business is performing.  

JHCO has the experience and technical know-how with streamlined processes to :

monthly accounting services

Included in our

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JHCO Expert Accounting, Tax and Advisory Firm in Johannesburg

Common Misconceptions

Cloud accounting is only for large concerns and is too expensive to implement.

Research shows cloud accounting is more beneficial to small to medium businesses as they often don’t have the necessary resources in-house.

JHCO Expert Accounting, Tax and Advisory Firm in Johannesburg

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