Business Advisory and Financial Planning

Managing a business in today’s economy is stressful, there are so many elements to consider and it is very easy to get pulled into daily operations and not keep track of regulatory requirements and the future financial well-being of the company.

JHCO has the experience and technical know-how to help:

Common Misconceptions

Strategies and plans are a waste of time. 

Research shows that businesses with financial plans in place have higher revenue and are more profitable.

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Financial Analysis

Financial analysis forms an important part of financial planning and research shows that businesses  that understand their business finance have greater revenue and profits and are generally more successful. 

  • Revenue 
  • Income Statements
  • Profits
  • Capital & Solvency
  • Liquidity

Financial Planning

Understanding your business gives us the ability to project future profitability, recommend corrective steps, and identify opportunities for growth.

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